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Does your medical equipment and/or IVDs require representative services? Independent collaborator, MedWatch Global can serve as an EC-REP, CH-REP, or UKRP. Learn more about our local representative offerings in the sections below.


An in-country representative is one where a representative of a medical device or pharmaceutical company trains and supports healthcare workers who use their products in a clinical setting. This service is referred to form a clinical perspective as an in-service representative service.

It is crucial to consider local laws, if you intend to offer your goods in nations, other than your own nation.

Before they can sell their goods there, many nations require so-called “third country manufacturers” to designate an Authorized Representative.

Not positive whether you require representative services for your IVDs or medical devices? Then look at our summary below:

Select the function you want:

  • If you are a producer seeking entry into the European Union, contact EC-REP.
  • UKRP: If you are a company seeking entry into the UK
  • If you’re a producer seeking entry into Switzerland, contact CH-REP